Annasach is not only about beautiful and practical design but about vocation.

We have a vocational interest in the future of our planet because without each and everyone of us taking responsibility on how we choose to impact on Mother Earth we are leaving a legacy of environmental mismanagement for our successors.

Global consciousness is key in this as is the ability to consider oneself a citizen of Planet Earth. Dealing honestly, and with conscience, with each other and our environment is the means to safeguard the future of our children's children.

A good design is that which is at once practical, carries a small environmental footprint and is aesthetically pleasing. Beauty is in truth and functionality.

And so we at Annasach choose to use design to carry our message that a conscience is good for us all. And that good design need NOT cost the earth!


Meet the designer

Stefanie launched Annasach in 1998, to produce environmentally friendly interior accessories ranging from 100% recycled wool knit cushions and throws to furniture made from windfelled wood.


Welcome to Annasach

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